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Amy Guarino – Creating a Channel Sales Strategy to Accelerate Sales Growth

There are many different ways to grow the sales number of a company. Make your sales team bigger or more effective.  But, this comes with all the challenges of hiring, developing and managing an ever-larger sales organisation. Companies may try increasing their product range or increasing the size of deals by increasing their focus on enterprise clients. Each solution comes with its own challenges. 

For many businesses, their growth strategy lies not in building a larger sales team but in developing a channel sales model. So, instead of hiring more sales reps, they focus on finding partners to sell their products for them. 

However, whilst this appears an attractive proposition, it brings its own challenges such as finding partners you trust, helping them sell a solution they are unfamiliar with and hardest of all developing the internal structures to support your partner’s success. 

This is why we think you will love this interview with Amy Guarino, VP of Global Alliances at Ironclad, Ex-COO of Kyndi, and VP of Global Sales Channels at Marketo.

Key Areas of Discussions with Amy Guarino, VP of Global Alliances at Ironclad:

  • When is the best time for an organisation to use alliances & partnerships to accelerate sales
  • How to start an implementation partner program
  • How to identify which strategic partnerships will prove most likely to succeed.
  • Explain how to support them to see success from the partnership early.
  • Discuss how internal processes need to change to support a 3rd party you have no direct control over.

Amy‘s Book of Choice:

Amy recommends ‘Getting to the AHA! – discover your Positioning DNA and Dominate your Competition by Andy Cunningham

About Amy Guarino:

Amy Guarino has spent her career helping tech companies build alliances and partnerships to drive multi-billion dollar growth.  

During her career, she has worked for Marketo and helped them scale from <$1M in revenue to ~ $300M.   Worked as COO for Kyndi, and acts as an advisor for numerous tech scale-ups. 

In her current role at Ironclad, she is leading the development of their global alliances to grow a network of implementation partners and strategic alliances to enter new markets. 

Amy Guarino – VP Global Alliances – Ironclad
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