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Jamie Hamer – How to grow and scale your first sales team

Whether you are one of the 20,000 new tech start-ups in 2020 or run a business looking to scale, you will eventually have to generate more revenue tomorrow than you do today. 

Early-stage sales are likely to be made by the founding team, however, this eventually means that you need to hire a salesperson or sales team. 

Many business owners from non-sales backgrounds often worry about this stage of growth. 

Key Areas of Discussions with Jamie Hamer, Co-Founder & Commercial Director, React News:

  • Choosing a B2B niche based on research and customer demand
  • Why recruiting for behaviours is key when recruiting your first sales team
  • How to build out a leadership team to run the sales function
  • Why technology can help a new sales team overperform.

Jamie‘s Book of Choice:

Jamie recommends Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t – Simon Sinek 

About Jamie Hamer:

Jamie’s career is defined by his love of learning and self-improvement. Moving beyond books and podcasts, Jamie has set himself the challenge of interviewing 100 sales leaders to learn their tips for sales and leadership success. Which he has turned into a book called Exceptional Sales Career.

His sales career started selling educational book’s door to door, before moving on to the higher margin world of B2B sales. 

In 2019, He started React News with 3 other founders. His goal was to build a paid-for news and insights platform for the real estate platform. After 24 months of scaling quickly, React News was purchased by Green Street.  

Alongside his responsibilities at React News, he is an active angel investor and currently researching his latest book.  

Jamie Hamer – Co-Founder & Commercial Director React News with his recommended books.

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