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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Rebecca Bell – Protecting and Growing your Client Base

Win, Retain and Grow is a well-known mantra in the sales world! Yet when organisations grow at speed, the desire to acquire new logo’s often...

Raoul Monks – The Difference Between Average & High Performing Teams (Q&A)

With just 29% hitting sales targets in Q4 last year, and only 40% expected this year, sales is tougher than ever. Top salespeople thrive regardless. Join Raoul Monks, CEO of Flume Sales Training, in a discussion on their success secrets and a new sales tool. Turn your team into high performers!

George Donovan – How to build a successful SMB sales team with rookies

Over the years, I have seen companies take many different approaches when broadening their go-to-market strategy from an SMB focus to Enterprise or vice...


The Showpad Enablement Operating System® (eOS) unites marketing and sales teams to deliver revenue-driving experiences.
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Corporate Visions is the leading provider of science-backed revenue growth services for B2B sales, marketing, and customer success.
Outreach you can drive more pipeline, close more deals, and forecast with confidence. Outreach unlocks seller productivity across the entire sales cycle. Request a demo now.
Gong captures customer interactions then delivers insights at scale, empowering teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinions.
Transform your organization with award-winning, AI-powered revenue enablement and sales training software, built for today's distributed teams. Learn more.
Qualifi is a data activation and marketing intelligence provider within Informa Markets. We provide access to premium first-party data.
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