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How to Create High Performing Teams

High Performance Round Table with Industry Revenue Leaders, hosted by Rory Underwood MBE and joined by Ciara Flaherty, EMEA Growth Sales Leader of Outreach and Simon Fletcher, UK&I Sales Director of RS Components.

“How do you know that the teams in your business are performing to the best of their ability?”

“How do you know that the success of your teams is because they are working together or in spite of them working together?”


    ROUND TABLE MISSION… “To make your business success inevitable because of your people, not in spite of them.”

    Rory is probably best known for his international rugby career. Not only for scoring a record 49 tries for England (85 caps, 1984-1996) but also for winning 7 caps for the British Lions touring Australia (1989) and New Zealand (1993).

    Throughout this record-breaking rugby career Rory amassed, 3000hrs flying as a pilot in his 18 years in the Royal Air Force. During his RAF career he flew the Jet Provost TMk5A, Hawk TMk1A, Tornado GR1, Canberra T17 and the Dominie.

    He was responsible for introducing Crew Resources Management (CRM) training into the RAF, thereby developing a culture where personnel look at how teamwork and decision making is affected in time limited stressful situations.



    A former England cricketer, Jeremy Snape’s knowledge of the high-performance mindset is unparalleled. His story, approach and research are unique — from Premier League football to the Olympics, he has interviewed some of the world’s most successful athletes and coaches to discover their winning insights.

    Jeremy’s sessions take you Inside the Mind of Champions® – with exclusive stories and secrets of success combined with the latest research from psychology and neuroscience. His combination of authentic storytelling, cutting-edge research and powerful video insights from champions is distilled into practical tools which are guaranteed to inspire fresh thinking

    key Take-Aways:

    • How to thrive through pressure and uncertainty.
    • How great leaders set their teams up for success.
    • How to create a culture of continual improvement.
    • How to leverage purpose to drive performance.


    Scotty Mills has led a life that he could never have dreamt of, from the backstreets of South London, he went on to serve his country and lead Britain’s Commandos around the globe as a Commando ‘Green Beret’ Officer.

    In 2003, operating alongside the US Navy Seals, he led a team of Marines into Iraq as ‘first on the ground’ theatre entry troops and has deployed on missions all around the world.

    Scotty has worked closely alongside multiple elite teams who went on to win gold medals at Olympic, World & European championships, more recently inspiring Gareth Southgate and the England Football Team to develop their culture through leadership and team cohesion training, Scotty was later coined as “Gareth’s Secret Weapon”.

    After being voted the most inspirational serviceman across the entire Armed Forces community in 2018, Scotty now continues his life’s work to inspire people and teams to achieve their impossible dreams.

    key Take-Aways:

    Attitude trumps talent every single day.
    Grow your 100% by raising the bar.
    Live your life through strong values.


    Born with cystic fibrosis, Josh Llewellyn-Jones was given a 0% chance of surviving his first night due to complications.

    Growing up, he was told he wouldn’t make 30. Now 35, he’s a World Record Holder, Speaker & Performance Coach.

    Through his work with businesses within the Fortune 500, he’s enabled top sales teams to improve performance in their jobs and personal lives and goals.

    Josh talks to The Growth Hub about how to understand people better and get more value from conversations as well as help you to identify what your fulfilment really looks like.

    Key Take-Aways:

    The 2 basic human needs that will help you connect with anyone!
    Be able to dig deeper into your goals and truly understand what fulfilment looks like.
    Removing the enemy to growth.


    I want to be a footballer! I’m destined to be on the stage! Did your childhood dreams come true or did your mum tell you to get a proper career?

    The original BBC Top Gear ‘The Stig’ and legendary Formula One racer, Perry McCarthy, didn’t let anyone dull his desire to succeed. At just 18, with no previous race experience, he used his hard-earned money from working on the North Sea Oil Rigs to fund his entry into the sport… not only did he get in, he had immediate success and won the British FF1600 Championship.

    It wasn’t all plain sailing, with injury and a year-long break, he was forced to focus on his fitness, but he also made communicating with potential sponsors and partners his mission – a difficult task that finishes most drivers’ dreams! Perry made it to Formula One against top international competition and from there wrote a best-selling autobiography, became ‘The Stig’ on BBC Top Gear!

    Following his motto to do ‘Whatever it takes, he’ll be sharing:

    Personal performance and the power of the individual – preparation, focus, resilience and pressure
    Pursuing a dream against the odds and goal setting
    Turning failure into Opportunities
    Risk management and fear


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